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Pinball News has written up a great article on the release party for The Big Lebowski Pinball.  Below is a video of the attract mode along with a link tot he Article.

More to come soon!!!


Hey Everyone,

The Dutch Pinball Team has just released the second newsletter.  This is a very exciting one that contains more info about the Color DMD upgrade!

Check it out:

The Dutch Pinball Team has released a gameplay video of the latest version of the Bride of Pinbot 2.0 project!


We recorded a game yesterday to give you the full overview of what is currently in the Bride of Pinbot 2.0 game software.  The YouTube description has a couple of timecode links so you can jump between the various goals and missions.  This machine (the one at Expo) is pretty brutal set up in order to keep ball times low; that’s why for this video we did a 5-ball game.

Thanks for the support everybody!

PS: The old main music was replaced by something less annoying (but too energetic for normal gameplay), but since our sound guy Jules is on a honeymoon we were not able to check this with him (the new music was composed by him too, we just weren’t using it anywhere yet). Basically everything you see is subject to change (for the better).

Good News Everyone,

The Computer Startup / Shutdown Controllers are now shipping!!!  For more information including price, shipping, and options, follow the link below.


Please contact me with any questions you have.  Thank you!

20130609_191221Hey Everyone,
I just finished developing and writing up the latest version of my Computer Startup / Shutdown Controller.

What is this, you ask?

Check it out here for info including a demo video: http://www.scottdanesi.com/?page_id=398

Hey Everyone,

I was just announced as the newest member of the Dutch Pinball project team!  I am very excited to be part of such a great team of professionals.

Below is the quote from their Facebook feed:

945554_439445836151575_927791255_nFollowing up on our Pinball Expo announcement, we’d like to introduce a new addition to our project team: Scott Danesi. He will be in charge of software testing and is also helping us with some essential hardware and software specific to our upcoming kit.

In the pinball community Scott is probably best known for his Arcade Tournament Manager software (check out scottdanesi.com). His many years of programming experience and prior experience with P-ROC projects make him a natural addition to our team.

Being a Chicago resident, Scott will also be providing the machine for the P3 booth. We are excited to have his beautiful, newly restored Bride of Pinbot at Expo and are looking forward to work with him to make his machine as perfect as possible (first on the list is providing him with a new replacement for his Popeye display panel :p).

Follow Dutch Pinball on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/dutchpinball

So the Bride of Pinbot restoration has started!  I will be updating this gallery as I progress through the process.  This is going to be a very fun project.

Link to the Gallery: Bride of Pinbot Restoration