9 comments on “Total Nuclear Annihilation Pinball Update #4 Population and Insert Design

  1. Love the design and the updates, Scott! I think the multi-drop target design will be a lot more reliable in the long run than what was in the first revision.

  2. Hi Scott, I want to do a DIY Pinball, too. I wonder if you bought the wires guides or did them on your own and which screws you used for all the parts. The wire guides are just forced into small holes, right?

    • The wire guides are stainless steel rod stock that I bent. You can do it with a pair of vice grips. This rod stock is usually available at any hardware store. I used 1/8 inch diameter. Yes, these are just forced into 1/8 inch holes int he playfield.

  3. Just one last question 😛 How did you know how to do all that stuff? I reference to Ben Hecks videos, pinballmakers.com and the book Pinball Care and Maintenance, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions. Is there something like a book on this subject I just did not find? It seems like all the information is scattered around the web…

    • Hey Tim,
      I learned much of what I know from tinkering and reading electronics books when I was a kid. There are tons of great resources online now that can help you learn this stuff. 🙂

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