6 comments on “Powering Your Homebrew Flippers Without a Computer

  1. hi , i do not know too much about this ,but I’ve seen other diagrams showing 5 volts for the hold side…so the way this is wired, the EOS shuts off the 48 volts to the high voltage coil? and how does the low voltage coil hold? thanks mike

    • It really depends on the machine. The coils used in Williams games use high voltage for the hold coil since it has a much higher resistance. It can handle it, no problem. πŸ™‚

  2. Tried this, but the PSU keeps shutting off when I try to hold down the flipper button, think it’s detecting a short. Any ideas?

    • Hey there! Yes, this can happen if you do not have power capacitors on the main 48v source of your supply. Also, you could potentially have something hooked up incorrectly or have an underpowered supply. I recommend using a 600 watt 48 volt supply for your coils. But first, install a capacitor bank and double check your wiring.

        • Hey there! I recommend using a bank of 4 or more 6800uf capacitors wire in parallel with the negative and positive rails of your 48v supply. But make sure the voltage is at least 60vdc on the capacitors so they are within the voltage range of your coils.

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